Assertiveness Tips

Anyone can learn to be assertive, althoguh it is easier for people who may have grown up in an environment that encouraged assertive behaviour. If you were discouraged when you were younger to express your thoughts and feelings, then it is understandable you may have a reluctance to do so now.

So three quick assertiveness tips that might help you start developing a greater willingness to speak up ....
  1. Practice speaking up and saying exactly what you want when you are a customer. For example, instead of asking for "a salad sandwich" you might say "A sandwich on brown wholegrain bread with lettuce, cheddar cheese, only a small bit of carrot and a lot of tomato - no salt, and just a bit of pepper"
  2. If your partner or friend asks where you want to go to eat for dinner, instead of saying "I don't mind", voice a preference
  3. Practice giving sompliments to friends, family and work colleagues. And if you are complimented by others, practice looking them in the eye and saying "Thank you" rather than dismissing their compliment
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