Self-rate assertiveness

The following list of ten questions may help you assess your satisfaction with the level of assertiveness you display in different situations

Using the rating scale, assess how often you
(1 = hardly ever; 2 = occasionally, 3 = fairly often, 4 = quite regularly)
  1. Let other people take advantage of you
  2. Say yes to people when you wish you'd said no
  3. Let other people interrupt you when you're speaking
  4. Put up with poor service
  5. Avoid taking back to stores faulty goods
  6. Take on more extra work than is fair
  7. Allow loud people to dominate in discussions or meetings
  8. Avoid arguments by agreeing to things you really don't want to
  9. Go along with the poor decisions of other people because it seems easier
  10. Put up with unfair criticism
A score of 25 or more suggests that you need to develop more assertiveness